Pipe Production Systems


PRD End Facing and Beveling Machines are suitable for pipe applications to meet any internationally known standards, including those of API and AWWA. End Facing and Beveling Machines can be used with pipes produced by the electric resistance welding (ERW) process as well as pipes produced by the submerged arc welding (SAW) process.

The range covered with PRD EFBM s are:

Pipe Diameter 20 (508 mm) to 120″ (3048 mm)
Pipe Length 4 meter to 20 meter
Material Thickness 5 mm to 25 mm
Material Grade Up to X 80
Cutting Angle 30 degrees with +5, -0 tolerances

Main EFBM components are:

“Pipe Clamps
“Spindle and Cutting Head Assembly
“Positioning System
“Pipe Rotating Unit
“Drive and Hydraulic System
“Controls and Tooling


Two pipe clamps, top and bottom, are made of machined steel in sections. The top clamp is fixed while the bottom clamp can be vertically adjusted by means of hydraulically driven cylinders to fix the pipe in position. Bolt-on Inserts are fixed onto the clamps. Different bolt-on inserts are needed for each diameter of pipe.


The spindle is made of forged steel. A faceplate holding the cutter assembly with cutter heads is mounted onto the spindle by a flanged connection. The cutter assembly is mounted on the faceplate in such a way that any positioning of the cutter heads along the faceplate axis is possible. Cutter heads are complete with insert-type cutting tool holders. The complete assembly is mounted on a large anti-friction tapered-roll bearing, which is sealed and lubricated by a gear pump.


Positioning of the faceplate and cutter heads feed is accomplished by means of servomotors and gear reducers. All high-speed in and out movements of the faceplate and fine and course feed of the cutter heads are controlled through the operator panel provided by the beveling head which allows continuous inspection by the operator during beveling.


The faceplate and cutter head assembly is furnished with a variable speed, high torque, DC drive. Each beveling head has an independent drive and hydraulic system complete with hydraulic pumps, motors, reservoir, filters, valves and controls.


All beveling head and pipe positioning controls are provided through an individual operator control panel located by the beveling head itself. The PLC system allows automatic operation for pipes having same characteristics.

Cutter head assemblies are designed and positioned on the face plate to bevel the pipe ends and to machine a flat surface perpendicular to the horizontal axis of the pipe. This is accomplished by one facing tool (fixture) which is stationary and one bevel tool (fixture) which is floating with respect to the cam follower provided.

World-Wide EFBM
Company / LocationPipe End Bevellers CapacityYear
S.I.M.E.T Bizerte, TunisiaA.P.I., 6 5/8″ to 36″ Diameters Double End 6mm to 16mm Wall Thickness 6M to 12M Lengths1988
NOKSEL Iskenderun, TurkeyA.P.I., 8 5/8″ to 63″ Diameters Double End 4mm to 20mm Wall Thickness 6M to 12M Lengths1988
Shanghai Pacific Pipe Company Pudong, ChinaA.P.I., 8 5/8″ to 48″ Diameters Double End AWWA, 8 5/8″ to 72″ 4mm to 16mm Wall Thickness 6M to 12M Lengths1993
TUBESA, S.A. de C.V. San Luis Potosi, MexicoA.P.I., 8 5/8″ to 72″ Diameters Double End 4mm to 16mm Wall Thickness 6M to 16M Lengths1994
Data Steel Pipe Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Rahim Yar Khan, PakistanA.P.I., 8 5/8″ to 60″ Diameters Double End 4mm to 16mm Wall Thickness 6M to 12M Lengths1995
Mannesman / Borusan, Turkiye64″ Diameters Double End 6M to 12M Lengths1999
Wilson Byard Limited Scotland, United Kingdom20″ to 60″ Diameters 6mm to to 25mm Material Thickness 6M to 16M Pipe Lengths2001
Hanson Pipe & Products, Inc. Grand Prairie, Texas, USA32″ to 124″ Diameter 6mm to to 25mm2003
Gregorian International, Venezuela16″ to 60″ Diameters 6mm to to 25mm Material Thickness 6M to 12M Pipe Lengths2007